Slow Down, Move Over

Cordes Brothers Towing is passionate about the Slow Down, Move Over movement. As a towing company, we regularly operate our vehicles and services alongside rodas where cars regularly pass us by, sometimes at full speeds and regularly without providing us room to safely do our jobs. The Slow Down, Move Over movement aims to bring awareness to proper, safe driving when emergency personnel and other roadside workers and service people are at work. So many people are killed as a result of cars not moving over and slowing down, and these deaths are preventable by practicing safe driving habits. Please make sure you slow your vehicle and move over to give people working on the side of the road room to safely perform their jobs, and be alert and aware of any hazards on the road as you drive. And please, remember to encourage other drivers to do the same. On behalf of our towing company, we thank you for doing your part in making the roads safer for us and everyone else.

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